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Top 15 Fun Things To Do In Jacksonville Florida

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Fun Things To Do In Jacksonville Florida includes TPC Sawgrass and Skydiving. Jacksonville has a lot of options to keep you indulged.

The most populous city in Florida and the biggest city by area in mainland North America, Jacksonville prides itself on having a little something for everybody.

An incredible melting pot of cultures and history, this city has so much to offer you’ll wish you asked for an extra week off work. A trip here is going to satisfy your shopping desires, quench your cocktail thirst and fill up your camera roll.

Aside from visiting historical forts, camping in state parks, and watching blockbuster movies in drive-in theaters, there are plenty more fun things to do in Jacksonville.

Watch the sunset from a beautiful pier, go hiking and birdwatching at the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail, or spend a rainy afternoon exploring the unique Museum of Southern History.

1. Kingsley Plantation

A frank and thought-provoking glimpse into the 19th century is provided by Kingsley Plantation. This charming house, which bears the name Zephaniah Kingsley after an English slave trader, has a sordid past.

Kingsley Plantation, which is on Fort George Island, includes a number of structures. Along with the main plantation home, there are well-preserved slave quarters and a 60-acre garden. 

The "Ma'am Anna House," a kitchen house, is situated close to the main house.

Kingsley Plantation
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Best things to do in Jacksonville is to look at the estate's natural beauty and historical significance is incomparably fascinating in contrast. You may get a sense of life in Zephaniah Kingsley's day by looking around the slave cottages.

The plantation is open all year round and is protected by the American National Park Service. Don't miss a trip to this beautiful yet complex property if you love history.

2. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The Zoo is a fantastic family adventure with over 2.000 unique and exotic animals and 1,000 different plant species.

They welcome you to connect with people, animals, and the environment at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, whether you are a tourist to Florida's First Coast or a lifelong resident.

On a breathtaking riverside backdrop, the Jacksonville Zoo has promoted wildlife conservation since 1914. Both adults and children will enjoy seeing the otters swim in the Wild Florida exhibit and feeding the giraffes at the African Overlook.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
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 The zoo also has an Australian Adventure with lorikeets, which are vibrant birds.

In its award-winning display, Jaguars steal the show as tigers wander above in the Land of the Tiger. Join us on the picturesque Trout River pier at the Zoo. A manatee could even be seen.

3. Take A Surf Lesson At Jax Surf and Paddle

Jacksonville Beach is a 25-30 minute drive from downtown Jacksonville. This Atlantic beach boasts waves just big enough for experienced surfers.

It turns out surfing is much tougher than it looks! One of my twins was able to stand up on the board by the end of the lesson. 

 Jax Surf and Paddle
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Fun things to do Jacksonville fl to take lessons from Jacksonville Surf and Paddle on Neptune Beach. They also offer Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) lessons, surf camp, and beach rentals.

If surfing or paddle boarding isn’t really your thing, the company also rents kayaks, bikes, and beach umbrellas. Imagine biking along the beach or kayaking on the St. Johns River and enjoying the natural beauty of northeast Florida!

4. TIAA Bank Field

Do you enjoy the boisterous crowd on a fourth-down play? Another choice is to enjoy headbanging your way through a rock concert while perspiring intensely.

In any circumstance, you must go to the TIAA Bank Field while in Florida.

The enormous TIAA Bank Field, which has more than 67,000 seats, is the venue where the Jacksonville Jaguars play their home games.

TIAA Bank Field
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If you have the money, take advantage of this cutting-edge facility, which features everything from club rooms to swimming pools on the viewing verandas.

Even if you don't want to spend a lot of money, you may still have fun at the stadium. There are many games and concerts hosted there, so looking at the schedule can help you select something to watch.

One of the best things to do in Jacksonville is to visit the TIAA Bank Field. Get a hot dog and start tailgating if you want to have a good time on a beautiful afternoon!

5. Relax In Jacksonville Beach

Sometimes all you need is a day to unwind. If so, choose a location on the sand and leave it there. Our family was able to stretch out across the wide Jacksonville beaches with little problem. If you want to spend a lot of time at the beach,

Visitors suggest renting beach equipment. Chairs, umbrellas, and beach balls are all available for hire at Jax Surf and Paddle at a fair fee.

Beach umbrellas are really important. They offer some relief from the oppressive Florida heat.

 Relax In Jacksonville Beach
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Renting close to the beach will allow the family car to fit more and less of the sand that the kids like to bring home.

In Jacksonville, there are beaches at both Little Talbot Island State Park and Big Talbot Island State Park. The Boneyard, a collection of "bones" of bleached live oaks on the shore that have been worn away by the salt and sand, may be seen in Big Talbot Island State Park. 

6. Traverse the St. Johns River

Nearly 40 miles of the Intracoastal Waterway and the longest section of the St. Johns River may be found in "The River City by the Sea."

One of the few rivers in the US that flows north rather than south is this one. The historic St. Johns River automobile and passenger ferry is yet another exciting means of transportation for youngsters.

Traverse the St. Johns River
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Highway A1A is connected by this unusual mode of transportation to Mayport Village and Fort George Island.

7. Autobahn Indoor Speedway

At Jacksonville's Autobahn Speedway, take part in indoor go-kart racing in a European manner. Two difficult Grand Prix-themed courses are offered at this 80,000-square-foot facility, which is sure to please and excite even the most discerning adrenaline junkie.

In this upmarket entertainment venue, you may wound your way through each bend and curve at speeds up to 50 mph as real-time scores are posted for rivals to compare and beat. While watching the newest professionals racing on the enormous flat-screen TVs or eating your favorite food while using the free wifi, relax on leather couches.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway
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Autobahn welcomes racers over the age of 8 and offers flourishing race leagues for both adult and kid racers, making it ideal for dating evenings, birthday parties, corporate events, or the professional hobbyist.

  • Phone: (904) 425-5005
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 6601 Executive Park Ct N, Jacksonville, FL 32216

8. Fort George Island Cultural State Park

Visit the tranquil, gorgeous Fort George Island Cultural State Park to satisfy your urge for nature. The park's 3-mile circle track veers across the coastal vegetation of the island.

Hikers, runners, walkers, and casual watchers all enjoy it. In addition, Fort George Island Cultural State Park is one of the most well-liked locations in Jacksonville for leisurely kayaking excursions.

Fort George Island Cultural State Park
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The history of Fort George Island Cultural State Park is extensive. Native Americans inhabited Fort George Island and made the most of its waterfront setting. The island was also the location of a military fort built in the 18th century to protect Georgia's southern flank.

Several years later, colonists built the Kingsley Plantation in the vicinity. Today, the famous Ribault Inn Club serves as a center for contemporary visitors to Fort George Island.

9. TPC Swagrass

At TPC Sawgrass, the site of the PGA and THE PLAYERS Championship. You may indulge in the pinnacle of golfing. 

The TPC includes of the Dye's Valley Course and THE PLAYERS Championship course. Golf enthusiasts and spectators will enjoy testing themselves against three of the most difficult holes in the world on each of the hard courses.

TPC Swagrass
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The place in Ponte Vedra Beach has access to golf courses typically reserved for PGA Tour pros and is only 30 minutes from the Jacksonville International Airport. On your next trip to the First Coast, play like a pro at TPC Sawgrass by following in the footsteps of champions.

10. Take a Wildlife Sanctuary Tour

The tour of the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary will appeal to anyone who love animals. A nonprofit group called Catty Shack Ranch works to inform the public about the risks associated with keeping exotic creatures like lions and tigers as "house pets."

Since the sanctuary is operated entirely by volunteers, there aren't many opportunities for tours. Compared to nocturnal feeding excursions, which can cause the large cats to howl in hunger, daytime trips are friendlier to children.

Take a Wildlife Sanctuary Tour
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The Catty Shack Ranch does not trade, sell, or breed any of the animals it rescues; it only intends to serve as a "forever home."

11. Amelia Island State Park

Amelia Island State Park, another natural attraction of Jacksonville, features 200 acres of beaches, marshes, and beautiful woodland. Visitors may be excused for believing they had accidentally crashed in the middle of the African savannah.

Amelia Island State Park
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Horseback riding is a common activity in the Jacksonville area at Amelia Island State Park. By signing up for a horseback riding excursion, you may see what Florida was like in the past and how life used to be.

On one of Amelia Island's nicest beaches, you may arrange a laid-back fishing trip at Amelia Island State Park. Or just stroll around this natural beauty and take it all in.

12. Castaway Island Preserve

Castaway Island Preserve must be included while discussing natural beauty. The park's walk is a particularly popular destination for Instagrammers of all ages because of its soaring trees and picturesque wildflowers.

For outdoor explorers, it's one of the best spots to visit in Jacksonville.

Castaway Island Preserve, which can be found on San Pablo Rd S, is teeming with natural beauty. Additionally, it has a kid-friendly interactive path with animal prints as markers.

Castaway Island Preserve
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Bring your own kayak or canoe if you're feeling very brave. The dawn and dusk hours of the day are particularly lovely. Visit early in the day or late at night to take in the breathtaking sights of the ocean and lush vegetation.

Even your dogs will love touring Castaway Island Preserve with the family. At this wonderful park, take a break from the city's bustle and escape into nature.

13. Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

The largest museum of fine arts in Northeast Florida is the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. The museum blends in well with its diverse neighbors in the Riverside neighborhood's Five Points region.

Some children might not enjoy seeing precious works of art, but luckily there is a garden area outside that will provide extra space for mobility if any of the children in your group require it.

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens
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The permanent collection of the museum has more than 5,000 objects, so visitors might easily spend all day exploring the galleries and grounds.

14. Skydiving

The exhilaration you'll experience when falling at 120 mph over the Jacksonville oceanfront scenery is unmatched.

Even if it's your first time skydiving, the right crew will make you feel comfortable and enjoy yourself. Tandem skydiving also eliminates the requirement for training because an experienced instructor will jump with you and control the aircraft.

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You may experience views of the city, the Atlantic Ocean, and the lovely St. Johns River with World Skividiving Center and Skydive Amelia Island, which have facilities in either Jacksonville or Fernandina Beach.

15. Florida Theatre

The Florida Theatre was formerly an opulent cinema palace with child care and a rooftop terrace for dance.

The Florida Theatre demonstrates that certain landmarks are meant to be revered over the decades after meticulous preservation and refurbishment throughout the years. More than 200 entertainment and cultural events are held at the theater each year.

Florida Theatre is a great place to enjoy with family
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Guests may take in performances by their favorite singers, comedians, and musicals, among other local events, with almost perfect acoustics. Throughout the years, great performers including Elvis, Diana Ross, and Bon Jovi have graced the stage of the Florida Theatre.

The Florida Theatre has played a vital part in the history of the First Coast and is still one of the top entertainment venues in Jacksonville today because of its hard-working crew and management.